5:57am Thursday 24th January 2019
Current Conditions at CIRA
Temperature: 22.0 F
Dewpoint: 15.9 F
Relative Humidity: 77 %
Barometer: 30.238 in
Wind: E at 13.0 mph
Rainfall: 0.00 in

Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere


Team Members

Additional Staff:

  • Robert Nelson
  • Emily Bell
  • Michael Cheesman

About the team

Carbon Group Working Areas:

  • Satellite-based greenhouse gas observations (primarily carbon dioxide and methane)
  • Carbon flux inverse modeling


Key Science Goals:

  • A better understanding of the present state of the earth’s carbon cycle, and the contribution of the biosphere to carbon cycling at regional scales.
  • Observing changes to the earth’s carbon cycle in the era of climate change.
  • Feasibility of monitoring anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases from satellites


Primary Projects:

  • Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 and 3 (with NASA JPL)
  • GeoCarb (with NASA and the University of Oklahoma)
  • ACT-America field campaign (with NASA and Penn State)
  • Designing optimized space-based GHG observing systems (with NASA Goddard)


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