The overarching Vision for CIRA is:

To conduct interdisciplinary research in the atmospheric sciences by entraining skills beyond the meteorological disciplines, exploiting advances in engineering and computer science, facilitating transitional activity between pure and applied research, leveraging both national and international resources and partnerships, and assisting NOAA, Colorado State University, the State of Colorado, and the Nation through the application of our research to areas of societal benefit.


Expanding on this Vision, our Mission is:

To serve as a nexus for multi-disciplinary cooperation among CI and NOAA research scientists, University faculty, staff and students in the context of NOAA-specified research theme areas in satellite applications for weather/climate forecasting. Important bridging elements of the CI include the communication of research findings to the international scientific community, transition of applications and capabilities to NOAA operational users, education and training programs for operational user proficiency, outreach programs to K-12 education and the general public for environmental literacy, and understanding and quantifying the societal impacts of NOAA research.


CIRA’s¬†Strategic Plan¬†focuses on the execution of its Vision and Mission by acquiring and improving the intelligence, infrastructure, and support which allow us to respond to opportunities as they arise. Our major research theme areas and the personnel, equipment, and data needed to perform these scientific endeavors are all underpinnings to the success of our Strategic Plan.