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Nicholas (Nick) Kedzuf

Meteorological Data Systems Programmer/Analyst (Research Associate III)

About Me:

Nicholas (Nick) Kedzuf joined CIRA in June 2022 and is currently a Research Associate III. He is a Meteorological Data Systems Programmer/Analyst with the Data Services Group at NOAA’s Global Systems Laboratory (GSL). There, he supports GSL’s research efforts by:
  • Developing and maintaining data ingest, processing, and transport pipelines across internal, externally-facing, and cloud-based systems.
  • Monitoring dataflows/workflows and troubleshooting interruptions.
  • Working with GSL staff and their collaborators to address specific data needs/obstacles.
Nick earned a B.S. in meteorology from the University of Miami (2018) and an M.S. in atmospheric science from Colorado State University (2020). His past research foci include tropical cyclones, urban heat islands, and mixed-phase cloud microphysics. His current research interests include folding cloud services, containers, and SaaS concepts into existing data pipelines. Prior to joining CIRA, Nick developed and maintained real-time meteorological data ingest, processing, and visualization systems in support of cloud seeding operations in the western US and abroad.