2:51am Thursday 21st February 2019
Current Conditions at CIRA
Temperature: 14.9 F
Dewpoint: 2.1 F
Relative Humidity: 56 %
Barometer: 29.981 in
Wind: ENE at 0.0 mph
Rainfall: 0.00 in

Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere


Author: Steven Miller Posted: February 10th, 2019

Dear CIRA Colleagues and Friends,   I thought it would be worthwhile to give you a brief update as we wait to see how the coming week unfolds.¬† While the issues reside upstream of us and are thus outside of our control, we are doing what we can with the… Read more »

Radar and SLIDER

Our Mission

CIRA is here to serve as a nexus for multi-disciplinary cooperation among CIRA and NOAA research scientists, University faculty, staff and students in the context of NOAA-specified research theme areas. Important elements of this mission are to foster collaboration with other national and international agencies developing related capabilities, to help transition fundamental research conducted at the University to bear on NOAA’s operational needs and to communicate the research findings to the broader scientific community. These objectives are coupled with a continued dedication to education and training¬†programs for operational user proficiency, outreach programs to K-12 education and the general public for environmental literacy, and understanding and quantifying the societal impacts of NOAA research.

Our Technology

With NOAA and CSU support CIRA has operated a Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Earth Station since 1980. Today our collection capability handles multiple simultaneous GOES transmissions, NOAA polar data, Himawari-8 and European MSG. CIRA also plays an important role in each new GOES satellite as one of the primary test sites for initial transmissions and sensor verification.


CIRA operates a high-technology infrastructure to support research in our major theme areas. The infrastructure contains over 300 workstations/servers, a satellite Earth Station with an online archive, several high-performance modelling clusters, and a high-speed network. With its expertise in data fusion, CIRA is developing systems and tools that will simplify the acquisition and manipulation of satellite and model data for scientific research.