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Under the leadership of CG/AR Director Tom Vonder Haar, the Center for Geosciences/Atmospheric Research at Colorado State University has conducted multi-disciplinary research in the areas of meteorology and hydrology relevant to the Army and Department of Defense since 1986. This research, totaling over $34M, has had a successful history of results as documented in the final reports for the first two phases of the Center (Vonder Haar et al., 1992 and 1998). Phase I was funded through the Army Research Office (ARO) and Phase II was funded by Congress under ARO; both basic and related, applied research was completed.Phase III of the Center for Geosciences/Atmospheric Research was funded by Congress in cooperation with the Secretary of the Army and the Army Research Laboratory (ARL). The 3-year research began August 1998 and continued through September 2002 (with a 1-year no-cost extension). The Final Report is linked below.The first year of our proposed Phase IV Center work began September 28, 2002 under a separate, 1-yr Cooperative Agreement. The CG/AR continued under a multi-year agreement (totaling 4 years), and operated under a 5-yr agreement through April 2011. Due to the ongoing and often overlapping research conducted by the Center, we have ceased referencing the current work as a particular “phase.” All research and resulting publications since the start of Phase III and under the current title “Center for Geosciences/Atmospheric Research” and under the guidance of the Army Research Laboratory, is now referenced together, commonly using the acronym CG/AR.For additional information about CG/AR, please contact Tom Vonder Haar.