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Purdom, James F.W.
CIRA Fellow

James F.W. Purdom

Retired Fed

About Me:

Research Interests:

Satellite meteorology, severe weather, global observing system


Current Projects:

Current activities include: 1) participation in science working groups and publications focused on advancing a more comprehensive use of satellite data for climate studies, local and mesoscale area weather forecasting, and numerical weather prediction, as well as the future of environmental satellite monitoring as part of the global observing system; 2) leadership in the global community through education, training and outreach; 3) leadership in the planning for future satellite system evolution, including the exploitation of hyperspectral observing of the earth and its environment, to enhance climate, weather and modeling science; and, 4) expanding the use of satellite data through international outreach and training activities.  Particular emphasis has been given to the next generation of geostationary satellites, GOES-R, used in synergy as a powerful contributor to the global space based observing system.


Dr. Purdom collaborates extensively with the NESDIS and other NOAA cooperative institutes on the utilization and role of current and future satellites as part of a composite observing system. He also has extensive interactions with international agencies and working groups through the World Meteorological Organization where he is Chair of the Commission on Basic Systems Open Program Area Group on Integrated Observing Systems, through the Virtual Laboratory for Satellite data Utilization which he Co-Chairs, through the Coordination Group on Meteorological Satellites where he reports on WMO satellite related activities such as the International Precipitation Working Group, the Virtual Lab, and WMO satellite requirements.