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Feingold, Graham
CIRA Fellow

Graham Feingold

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division, Boulder, Colorado

About Me:

Research Interests:

Aerosol-cloud interactions; Numerical modeling of aerosol effects on cloud radiative properties and precipitation; In situ observations and remote measurement of aerosol, clouds, and aerosol-cloud interactions; Cloud processing of aerosol; Self-organization in aerosol-cloud precipitation systems; Stability of mixed-phase Arctic stratus.



Current Research Projects:

Modeling of aerosol-cloud interactions and their radiative propoerties (NOAA and NASA)

Airborne measurements of aerosol-cloud interactions (NOAA)

Remote sensing of aerosol-cloud interactions (Department of Energy)

Scale dependence of aerosol-cloud interactions (NOAA and NSF)