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Alan Brammer

Alan Brammer

Research Scientist III

Mailing Address:
1375 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1375
  • 970-491-8126
About Me:

Researcher in the Tropical Cyclone group, working on ensemble based probabilistic guidance for Tropical Cyclone forecasts, software development and maintenance of new and existing tropical cyclone guidance tools as well as facilitating the transition of new research software to operations.

My Work/Projects:

[Active] -- Extending the Tropical Cyclone Genesis Index to Global Ensemble Forecasts


This project seeks to develop a combined statistical–dynamical ensemble-based TC genesis probability forecast model. Realtime ensemble based TC genesis probability forecasts are produced and plotted at the below link.

Ensemble Global TC Genesis Index

[Active] -- NASA Convective Processes Experiment - Cabo Verde (CPEX-CV)


The NASA CPEX-CV campaign included a field campaign during 2022 in Cabo Verde, using the NASA DC-8 platform to observe convection, aerosol and large-scale environmental forcing (e.g., African easterly waves, ITCZ, Saharan Air Layer, mid-level African easterly jet) over the tropical eastern Atlantic.