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GeoCollaborate®: A Breakthrough Technology to Accelerate Data Sharing Across Multiple Platforms in a RT Collaborative Environment to Improve Research to Operations (R2O), Operations to Research (O2R), Situational Awareness and Decision Making

Presented by: Dave Jones - Founder & CEO, StormCenter Communications, Inc.

Hosted by: CIRA/RAMMB

Date: December 12, 2017 1:30 pm
Location: ATS 101

GeoCollaborate®, developed under the Federal Government’s SBIR program (Small Business Innovation Research), is a new technology that unlocks the burden of isolated data, complex tools and limited interaction by enabling disparate data sources to be accessed, in a real-time collaborative environment, across any platform. GeoCollaborate® places all participants on the same map at the same time. This breakthrough capability connects remote teams right now for rapid, informed decision making. Now, everyone, everywhere can be on the same map at the same time looking at the same data that is delivered to their device.


There are many use cases to put GeoCollaborate® to work and this seminar will describe some of those use cases and hopefully motivate attendees to think about the future of staging data for rapid access. From the active hurricane season of 2017 to the nationwide mobilization of fleet utility vehicles to restore power, to delivering the Eclipse2017 to broadcast meteorologists nationwide and creating an environment to leverage GIS and data holdings to share across state agencies, GeoCollaborate® is delivering a new way to put more data to work for new users and decision makers no matter what platform they are using.


Come and participate in the data sharing experience of GeoCollaborate® as Dave will engage your computers and mobile devices LIVE and deliver datasets right into your communications or computing platform. All you need is a browser and a connection to the Internet. The era of Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) is here.


About the speaker

Dave Jones is the founder and CEO of StormCenter Communications, Inc. ( in the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Dubbed an “Applications Futurist” by NASA, and StormCenter is a patent-holder of GeoCollaborate® ( Dave and his team has spent their careers focusing on applying science data to communications, disaster preparations, response and recovery and Dave has worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, private weather companies, NBC in Washington, DC as a broadcast meteorologist for nearly a decade and founded two companies during his career. StormCenter is focused on applying the vast data resources available from Federal, State, NGOs and private sector organizations to saving lives and property and improving public response before and after disasters.


Dave is also an active member of the ESIP Federation (Federation for Earth Science Information Partners) and a past president of ESIP. He currently serves as co-chair of the Disaster Lifecycle Cluster, working to follow the pathway of trusted datasets for use in decision making environments and is leading the evolution of “Operational Readiness Levels” for trusted data. He is also a member of the All Hazards Consortium and sits on the SISE committee (Sensitive Information Sharing Environment) for trusted data exchange for situational awareness and decision making for the movement of fleet utility vehicles. Dave was also named a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society in 2013 and is co-chair of an annual Summit for broadcast meteorologists in Colorado. The Glen Gerberg Weather & Climate Summit brings together scientists and broadcast meteorologists to discuss the latest research, weather forecast models, space weather, climate science and impacts for more than 25 years.


** Please bring your laptop/tablet to the seminar**