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Monday Sessions: One, Two, Three – Tuesday Sessions: Four, Five, Six – Wednesday Sessions: Seven, Eight, Nine – Thursday Sessions: Eleven, TwelveCommunity SessionsPosters

Monday – Oral Presentations

Welcome Events

Local TimeEvent
9:30 – 10:00Opening: Welcome from host, objectives, agenda

Session 1 (2h) Current and Future Satellite Missions – Co-chairs: Veljko Petkovic and Sarah Ringerud

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
1.0110:00McCarty, WillNASA Headquarters Perspective on Satellite Precipitation MeasurementsDownload
1.0210:12Braun, ScottStatus of the GPM Mission and the NASA Atmosphere Observing System (AOS)Download
1.0310:24Accadia, ChristopheThe EUMETSAT Polar System – Second Generation (EPS-SG) Microwave Imaging Missions: MicroWave Imager (MWI) and Ice Cloud Imager (ICI)Download
1.0410:36Kachi, MisakoDevelopment of the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 3 (AMSR) onboard the GOSAT-GW satelliteDownload
1.0510:48Kubota, TakujiRecent Progresses of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission in JapanDownload
1.0611:00Springmann, JohnDeveloping The First Operational Global Satellite Constellation of KaBand Precipitation RadarsDownload
1.0711:12van den Heever, SusanThe INCUS MissionDownload
1.0811:24Braun, ScottThe Time-Resolved Observations of Precipitation structure and storm Intensity with a Constellation of Smallsats (TROPICS) mission: Mission status and Pathfinder resultsDownload
1.0911:36Kidd, ChrisInitial results and validation of the TROPICS precipitation product.Download
1.1011:48Turk, JoeEvaluation of the COWVR+TEMPEST Channel Set for Estimating Precipitation Structure over a Variety of Surface ConditionsDownload

Session 2 (2h) – Passive Microwave Algorithm Development and Improvement – Co-chairs: Ali Behrangi and Jie Gong

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
2.0113:00Kummerow, ChrisThe GPM GPROF V6 DatabaseDownload
2.0213:12Petkovic, VeljkoPrecipitation Type from PMW observations: Addressing Uncertainties Through Bayesian Deep LearningDownload
2.0313:24Prasanth, SaiKernel flows to infer the structure of convective storms from satellite passive microwave observationsDownload
2.0413:36Ringerud, SarahImproved land surface characterization for the next generation of passive microwave precipitation retrievalsDownload
2.0513:48You, YaleiImproving Cross-Track Scanning Radiometers’ Precipitation Retrieval over Ocean by MorphingDownload
2.0614:00Masunaga, HiroNon-uniform Local Time Coverage of Polar-orbiting Passive Microwave Observations in Global Precipitation DatasetsDownload
2.0714:12Aonashi, KazumasaA new GSMaP MWI algorithm considering the frozen precipitation depth and the convective precipitation fractionDownload
2.0814:24Pfreundschuh, SimonFirst evaluation of GPROF V7 and the neural network based GPROFNN retrievals against gauge corrected radar measurementsDownload
2.0914:36Kirstetter, PierreProbabilistic Quantitative Precipitation EstimatesDownload

Session 3 (1h30) – Forecasting Precipitation: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities – Co-chairs: Joe Munchak and Susan van den Heever

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
3.0116:00Steward, JeffData assimilation observation system simulation experiments (OSSEs) of’s planned spaceborne radar constellation using statistical observation operatorsDownload
3.0216:12Lee, YoonjinLatent heating profiles from GOES-16 and its impacts in precipitation forecastDownload
3.0316:24Barreyat, MarylisPropagating non linearities of the observation operator for microwave radiances within an all-sky data assimilation systemDownload
3.0416:36Johnson, BenjaminPrecipitation Impacted Radiance Simulations using CRTM: Current and Future CapabilitiesDownload
3.0516:48Scanlon, TracyDevelopments in the all-sky assimilation of microwave imagers at ECMWFDownload
3.0617:00Villeneuve, EthelStatistical study of inconsistencies between infrared and microwave cloudy simulationsDownload

Tuesday – Oral Presentations

Session 4 (1h30) – Machine Learning Approaches and New Product Versions – Co-chairs: Haonan Chen and Ross Maidment

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
4.018:30King, FraserDeepPrecip: A deep neural network for retrievals of precipitationDownload
4.028:42Adams, IanCoSMIR Along-Track scan for cloud tomographyDownload
4.038:54Tan, JacksonA Convective or Stratiform Prototype Scheme for IMERGDownload
4.049:06Liu, ShuyanEvaluation and Improvement of MiRS Precipitation Retrievals over the CONUS Using Machine Learning ApproachesDownload
4.059:18Huffman, GeorgeStatus and Plans for IMERG on the Verge of Version 07Download
4.069:30Nelkin, EricIntroducing the GPCP Version 3.2 Daily Precipitation DatasetDownload
4.079:42Huffman, GeorgeAdvancing GPCP Products to Version 3.2Download

Community Subject 1 (1h30) – Introduction to the 4 round tables

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
CS1.0110:30Maggioni, Viviana and Chambon, PhilippeIntroduction to the 4 Round tables
CS1.0210:40Turk, Joe / Ferraro, RalphIntroduction of the round table on the MW constellation What is CGMS? What are the
expectations of CGMS regarding IPWG community work?
CS1.0311:00Kidd, ChrisIntroduction to the round table on Community impact and ARDs.
What is CEOS? + Discussion on Analysis Ready Datasets? IPWG contribution to the
requirements definition of ARDs.
CS1.0411:20Rossi, PekkaIntroduction to the round table on Validation.
WMO activities on ground-based weather radars and remote sensing precipitation
CS1.0511:40Henry, ManjuIntroduction to the round table on instruments.
Developments and Preliminary Results of a Hyperspectral Microwave Sounder (HYMS)

Session 5 (2h) – High Latitude Precipitation – Co-chairs: Benjamin Johnson and Yoonjin Lee

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
5.0113:00Behrangi, AliHigh Latitude Precipitation Analysis and Considerations in the Latest GPCP products (V3.2)Download
5.0213:12Fan, YongzhenEnhancement of Snowfall Detection for NOAA Snowfall Product through Machine LearningDownload
5.0313:24Kuo, KSWarehousing and Disseminating Single-Scattering Properties for Particulate Matter Remote SensingDownload
5.0413:36Meng, HuanRecent Developments to NOAA Snowfall Rate ProductsDownload
5.0513:48Milani, LisaAnalysis of 166 GHz ice scattering signal in snowfall events over oceanDownload
5.0614:00Ori, DavideTowards a database of ensemble rather than single-scattering properties of ice and snow particlesDownload
5.0714:12Grazioli, Jacopo Berne, AlexisMASCDB: a database of images, descriptors, and microphysical properties of individual snowflakes in free fallDownload
5.0814:24Geer, AlanProspects for assimilating cloud and precipitation at high latitudes in global weather forecastingDownload
5.0914:36Panegrossi, GiuliaThe ESA RainCast Study For Global Snowfall Monitoring: New Concepts And Perspectives in view of the Arctic Weather Satellite missionDownload
5.1014:48Utsumi, NobuyukiLack of snow cover scattering signature over south Greenland and its impact on GSMaP passive microwave snowfall retrievalDownload

Session 6 (2h) – Orographic Precipitation – Co-chairs: Berry Wen and Fraser King

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
6.0115:30Chen, HaonanEnsemble learning for bias correction of satellite retrievals of orographic precipitationDownload
6.0215:42Derin, YagmurEvaluation of IMERG over CONUS complex terrain using environmental variablesDownload
6.0315:54Gonzalez, RyanHigh Resolution? Snow ProblemDownload
6.0416:06Samykannu, VenkadeshComplex topographic features of CHIRPS based precipitation product against IMD dataset over Tamil Nadu, IndiaDownload
6.0516:18 Wood, NormanAssessing satellite-based radar capabilities for orographic snowfall process studiesDownload
6.0616:30Shige, ShoichiUse of low-level static stability for improvement of the heavy orographic rainfall estimates in the GSMaP algorithm for microwave radiometersDownload
6.0716:42Kato, FumiReexamination of topographic influence on precipitation associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation over the Maritime ContinentDownload
6.0816:54Ferrone, AlfonsoOrographic precipitation in the vicinity of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station as seen by a transect of MRR-PROsDownload
6.0917:06Chen, Yun-LanAn IR-PMW Blended PDF-matching Technique over the Asia-Pacific and its improvement by incorporating with surface dataDownload
6.1017:18Aoki, ShunsukeInfluences of Wind Speed on the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation over the Coastal Areas Revealed by Spaceborne Precipitation RadarsDownload

Wednesday – Oral Presentations

Session 7 (1h30) – Satellite Precipitation Algorithm Improvement – Co-chairs: Rick Schulte and Yagmur Derin

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
7.018:30Xie, PingpingRetrospective Processing for the Second Generation CMORPH: Experiments for the Pilot PeriodDownload
7.028:42Maidment, RossImprovements in satellite rainfall estimation for enhanced long-term rainfall monitoring and early warning over AfricaDownload
7.038:54Upadhyaya, ShrutiImproving Precipitation Estimation with the GOES-16 Advanced Baseline Imager: Algorithm and EvaluationDownload
7.049:06Funk, ChrisIntroducing and evaluating two new station-enhanced and interoperable gridded satellite precipitation datasets: the IMERGlate based CHIMES and the Geostationary IR-based CHIRPS3Download
7.059:18Kumar, AshishSoil Moisture driven Machine Learning Approach to Correct Near Real Time Satellite based Rainfall Estimates: A case study in Hirakud Catchment in Mahanadi Basin, IndiaDownload
7.069:30Lahuerta, Jose AlbertoSatellite derived precipitating products based on a principal component analysisDownload
7.079:42Oliveira, RomuloSensitivities of daily accumulated satellite rainfall estimates to the GPM PMW satellite constellation configurationsDownload

Community subject 2 (1h30) – Training and Outreach on satellite-based products to monitor weather, climate, and extreme events.

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
CS2.0110:30Connell, BernieWMO-CGMS Virtual Laboratory for Education in Satellite Meteorology (VLab): Who are we and what do we do?
CS2.0210:45Caesar, Kathy-AnnChallenges and Successes for the Eastern Caribbean and Small Island Nations.
CS2.0311:05Vila, DanielWMO Coordination Group on Satellite Data Requirements for the Americas: How can satellite-based products help users?
CS2.0411:20Portier, AndreaNASA GPM Applications and Outreach Activities: Lessons Learned from Stakeholder Engagement.
CS2.0511:40Kuleshov, YuriyThe Space-based Weather and Climate Extremes Monitoring (SWCEM) program: Drought Monitoring over Papua New Guinea

Session 8 (1h) – Errors and Uncertainties in Satellite Precipitation Products – Co-chairs: Runze Li and Ishrat Dollan

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
8.0115:30Bogerd, LindaThe effect of different methods of sampling reference precipitation estimates on the performance evaluation of satellite-based precipitation estimatesDownload
8.0215:42Goldenstern, EricAssessing the State Dependency of Infrared Satellite Precipitation Retrieval ErrorsDownload
8.0315:54Guilloteau, ClementUnraveling the Dynamical Nature of Errors in Satellite Precipitation ProductsDownload
8.0416:06Li, ZheThe Performance of IMERG Over the Eastern Pacific Fresh Pool: A Comparative Evaluation Using In Situ and Space-based ObservationsDownload
8.0516:18Monsalve, AndresUnderstanding GPROF Atmospheric Regime-Dependent BiasesDownload

Session 9 (1h30) – Assessing Precipitation Temporal and Spatial Variation – Co-chairs: Lisa Milani and Marylis Barreyat

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
9.0116:30Adler, RobertInter-annual Variations of Tropical Ocean Rainfall—Differences Among Satellite EstimatesDownload
9.0216:42Kidd, ChrisRepresentation of precipitation across spatial and temporal scalesDownload
9.0316:42Khadgarai, Sunil KumarRegional Variability of Precipitation characteristics in Tropical Cyclones over the North Indian Ocean from GPM-DPR measurementsDownload
9.0417:06Gu, GuojunInterdecadal Variability and Trends in Global Precipitation During the Satellite EraDownload
9.0517:18Kneifel, StefanHow often and how strongly does riming occur in non-convective clouds?Download
9.0617:30Pettersen, ClaireThe Critical Role of Euro-Atlantic Blocking in Promoting Snowfall in Central GreenlandDownload
9.0717:42Grecu, MirceaOn the relationships between the vertical distribution of precipitation in deep convection and the large-scale environmentDownload
9.0817:54Sabetghadam, SamanehLong-term distribution of snow depth in the Middle-East high mountainsDownload

Thursday – Oral Presentations

Session 10 (1h30) – Improving Satellite Precipitation Retrievals and Algorithms – Co-chairs: Shruti Upadhyaya and Jackson Tan

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
10.018:30Heymsfield, AndyComparison of Snowfall Rates from CloudSat, GPM, and QuasiDirect Measurements from IMPACTSDownload
10.028:42Schulte, RickThe Impact of DSD Assumptions on Satellite Estimates of Drizzle and Light RainDownload
10.038:54Williams, ChristopherThree Research Topics to Advance Satellite Precipitation Retrieval AlgorithmsDownload
10.049:06Masaki, TakeshiImprovement of precipitation type classification for spaceborne radars using a ground-based doppler radar over the Tibetan PlateauDownload
10.059:18Shimizu, RikuReduction of blind zone for GPM DPRDownload
10.069:30Li, YapingAssessing Geostationary Lightning Mapper Data in the GOES-R Rainfall Rate AlgorithmDownload
10.079:42Billault-Roux, Anne-ClaireDual-frequency spectral radar retrieval of snowfall microphysics: a deep-learning based approachDownload

Session 11 (1h30) – Novel Validation Efforts – Co-chairs: Clement Guilloteau and Linda Bogerd

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
11.0110:30Watters, DanielThe GPM Validation Network: Validating IMERG with GroundBased RadarsDownload
11.0210:42Wen, BerrySystematic evaluation of GPM DPR and WSR-88D over the contiguous United StatesDownload
11.0310:54Chandrasekar, VValidation of GPM DPR Surface Snowfall Product and the Global DistributionDownload
11.0411:06Gosset, MarielleAssessment of GPM era products against high resolution rain maps from Commercial Microwave Links and radar in Tropical areas.Download
11.0511:18Schroder, MarcOceanRAIN Release 2.0 Global Ocean Surface Reference Data for all Water Cycle ComponentsDownload
11.0611:30Kirstetter, PierreIntegrated Multi-Satellite Evaluation: Impact of Precipitation Characteristics on Spaceborne Precipitation EstimationDownload

Session 12 (2h) – Satellite Precipitation Products Applications: Climate Service and Hydrologic Modeling – Co-chairs: Robert Adler and Janice Bytheway

SessionLocal TimeFirst AuthorTitle
12.0113:00Dinku,TufaValue of Satellite Rainfall Estimate in Enhancing Climate Services in AfricaDownload
12.0213:12Liu, ZhongAn Update on NASA GES DISC’s Precipitation Products and ServicesDownload
12.0313:24Koçak, RamazanDetecting Igdır Floods with GPM IMERG dataDownload
12.0413:36Woods, DevonUsing A Hydrologic Flash Flood Modeling Framework to Establish Robust Analyses of Satellite Precipitation ProductsDownload
12.0513:48 Schneider, UdoUpdated gridded datasets V.2022 provided by the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)Download
12.0614:00Horna, NataliaMulti-dataset optimization of a rain gauge network for a poorly observed watershedDownload
12.0714:12Ehsani, Mohammad RezaNowcasting-Nets: Representation Learning for Satellite-based Precipitation Nowcasting using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural NetworksDownload
12.0814:24Satge, FredericAre gridded precipitation datasets a good option for streamflow simulation across the Juruá river basin, Amazon?Download

Poster Presentations

IDFirst AuthorTitle
P.01Gong, JieA GCM-Oriented Synergistic Passive Microwave Diurnal Ice/Snow Cloud Retrieval Product using CloudSat/CALIPSO as the Baseline
P.02Gong, JieA ML/AI Based GMI-only Precipitation Type Classification Algorithm
P.03Kim, JiseobImplementation of Passive Microwave Radiative Transfer Simulation Consistent with Various Multimoment Bulk Microphysics Parameterizations
P.04Dong-Cheol, KimAlgorithm for rainfall rate from AMI onboard GEO-KOMPSAT-2A satellite: Replacing proxy apriori databases with AMI observation
P.05Munchak, JoeForward Modeling and Retrieval OSSEs for the Radar Constellation
P.06Mangla, RohitImproving active sensor capability with melting layer simulations within the RTTOV-SCATT radiative transfer model
P.07Geer, AlanImproved snow, graupel and ice cloud modelling in RTTOV-SCATT v13.0
P.08Dollan, IshratPatterns of projected extreme precipitation indices and associated trends over the Contiguous U.S.
P.09Kim, DonghyeckDistributions of latent heating from the spectral latent heating data during the 2015/16 quasibiennial oscillation disruption
P.10Afzali Gorooh, VestaEvaluation of New Satellite Precipitation Dataset: PDIR-Climate Data Record
P.11Wang, Nai-YuPotential SmallSat GNSS-Reflectometry Flood Inundation Mapping Applications
P.12Arulraj, MalarvizhiAssessing the Impact of Precipitation Vertical Structure in the Satellite Precipitation Retrievals
P.13Bytheway, JaniceEvaluating Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Ocean using Passive Aquatic Listeners
P.14Kirstetter, PierreEvaluating the Intrinsic Uncertainty of Satellite Precipitation Estimates at their Native Resolution
P.15Li, RunzeA new point-to-object method to evaluate the IMERG precipitation