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Kreidenweis, Sonia M.
CIRA Fellow

Sonia M. Kreidenweis

Professor, Atmospheric Science Department, Colorado State University

About Me:

Research Interests: 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality, Aerosol Optical Properties.


Current projects:  

Studying long-range dust transport to the United States and characterizing its effects on air quality and climate; characterization of physical and optical properties of biomass and diesel combustion emissions and estimating their effects on visibility, cloud formation and climate; modeling of secondary organic aerosol formation and its role in the global aerosol and carbon cycles. Recent funding for this research has come from a variety of federal and state agencies including the National Science Foundation, DOE, the National Park Service, the Joint Fire Science Program, NASA, NOAA, and CG/AR.


Dr. Kreidenweis’ research contributes to CIRA’s mission to furthering understanding of weather and climate. Her group’s work on atmospheric particulate matter has been applied to studies as diverse as elucidation of the conditions conducive to mixed-phase cloud formation, and the apportionment of visibility reduction in remote areas to natural and man-made causes, including forest fires.