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Collett, Jr., Jeffrey L.
CIRA Fellow

Jeffrey L. Collett, Jr.

Professor and Department Head, Atmospheric Science Department, Colorado State University

About Me:

Research Interests: 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality.


Current projects:  

Examining nitrogen deposition in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, characterizing impacts of biomass combustion on local and regional air quality, determining emissions of ammonia from dairy farms, development of new lab-on-a-chip aerosol analyzers for real-time aerosol composition measurement, and studies of interactions of cloud and fogs with carbonaceous aerosols and volatile organic compounds.  Recent funding for this research has come from a variety of federal and state agencies including the National Science Foundation, DOE, USEPA, the National Park Service, NASA, USDA, and the states of California and Colorado.


Dr. Collett collaborates closely with federal and CIRA scientists on air quality topics, including studies of pollution impacts on visibility, and supervises several students and postdoctoral scientists supported on projects administered through CIRA.