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Introduction on South Korean Meteorological Satellite Programs focusing on Geo- KOMPSAT -2A (GK- 2A) applications

Presented by: Chu-Yong Chung and Eunha Sohn - Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)/National Meteorological Satellite Center (NMSC)
Date: November 13, 2018 11:00 am
Location: CIRA Directors Conference Room

Since 2010, KMA has operated and utilized the Communication, Ocean and Meteorological satellite (COMS), which is expected to be available by 2020. KMA is now preparing for a new era of the Geostationary Korea operational multi-purpose satellite (GeoKompsat-2A or GK-2A; launch scheduled in December 2018). GK-2A has a 16-channel Advanced Meteorological Imager (AMI), which is a similar sensor to Himawari-8/9 AHI and GOES-16/17 ABI. We will present the status of KMA’s meteorological satellite programs and recent improvements of the products in this talk. We will also introduce dust-monitoring applications at KMA/NMSC. In addition to the current Aerosol Index (AI) algorithm using two channels (BTD: 10.8㎛-12㎛) of the COMS, D*-parameter based on the spectral variability of dust emissivity at 8.6㎛, 11㎛ and 12㎛ wavelengths has been tested with Himawari-8 AHI toward applications on the upcoming GK-2A AMI. A study to improve false detection over the source region will be presented.