Ting-Chi Wu

Research Scientist/Scholar I
Fort Collins, Colorado


Ting-Chi received her BSc and MS in Atmospheric Science in 2007 and 2009 from National Central University in Taiwan. She continued her education at University of Miami in Florida earning a Ph.D in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography in 2014.         Her areas of research interest include

  • data assimilation including ensemble, variational, and hybrid techniques
  • numerical weather prediction and microphysics process
  • develop novel techniques for data assimilation and tropical cyclone predictions

Ting-Chi joined CIRA in Fort Collins in September 2014. As a member of the CIRA Data Assimilation Group, she works on the development and application of a data assimilation system (Gridpoint Statistic Interpolation - GSI) for assimilation of precipitation and moisture observations from several satellite instruments using NOAA Hurricane WRF (HWRF) system. Her recent research activities focus on preparing GSI to assimilate all-sky satellite radiances within the HWRF system.

Recent Work

Hurricane GPROF retrieved (a) integrated SWC (kg m-2) and (b) integrated LWC (kg m-2) on 0000 UTC 31 August during Hurricane Leslie (2014). (c)-(d) Same as (a)-(b) except for background guessed quantities. Similarly, (e)-(f) are estimated quantities from the analysis. A bold magenta star marks the center of Leslie.
June 22, 2016

Hurricane forecasting skills may be improved by utilizing increased precipitation observations available from the Global Precipitation Mission (GPM). This study adds to the GSI capability to assimilate satellite retrieved hydrometeor profile data in the operational HWRF system. The newly developed ...