Robert Lipschutz

Senior Research Associate
Boulder, Colorado


Bob Lipschutz received his BS (1974) and MS (1980) in Meteorology from Penn State University. He was a Scientific Assistant in the Atmospheric Physics Section at Argonne National Laboratory from1974 to 1976, working on several boundary layer meteorology field projects. After leaving Penn State, where he worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Meteorology following completion of his MS, Bob was on CIRA's NOAA/PROFS team from 1981 to 1983. His early work at PROFS involved assuring quality of the 22-station PROFS Mesonet, and developing systems to acquire and decode surface and upper air (SAO and RAOB) data from theFAA604 service. He then began developing software to process NCARCP-2 Doppler radar data, and creating a framework to prototype and validate WSR-88D (NEXRAD) Radar Product Generator (RGP) algorithms, including Storm Segments, Mesocyclone, and Tornado Vortex Signature. This initial radar work led to creation of a distributed real-time Doppler radar subsystem to generate products for display on the PROFS and FSL weather workstations, and later to development of the NEXRAD Product Interface system that acquired Level-III radar products from the NEXRAD RPG for display on the Pre-AWIPS system, which was deployed operationally at the Norman, OK, NWS Forecast Office.
Since re-joining CIRA in 1997, Bob's work has included directing development of GOES GVAR and WSR-88D Level-II acquisition systems, and generally collaborating with other members of NOAA/ ESRL Global Systems Division's Data System Group on a variety data ingest, processing, and distribution tasks in support of numerous projects throughout GSD, including MADIS, RUC, LAPS, RTVS, and SOS.
Bob serves as the Production Control Manager for GSD's Central Facility real-time data systems, managing the configuration and operation of several dozen data processing Linux servers that currently handle some 700 GBytes of data per day.
His area of expertise focuses on meteorological data acquisition and processing systems, with experience handling WSR-88D, GVAR, and NOAAPORT data streams, as well as such acquisition and distribution protocols as ftp, http, LDM.

Recent Work

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