California fires synthetic ABI 3.9 μm w/ corresponding MODIS image.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The figure depicts a synthetic ABI 3.9 μm image (right) and the corresponding MODIS image (left) for the California fires on 23 October 2007. The MODIS image is a true color image from Aqua, pixel size: 1km, date: 2007/10/23. The Synthetic ABI 3.9 μm image for 2007/10/23 15:30 UTC is a CIRA/RAMM Branch product and is part of the GOES-R AWG proxy datasets which we produce in support of GOES-R ABI algorithm development. The fire proxy data sets are produced by running the RAMS forecast model (400 m spatial resolution, 5 min data over a 6 hour period) and by applying a radiative transfer model. The fire locations come from a CIMSS dataset (ABBA retrieval based on a GOES-12 image). An ABI-like satellite image is then created by applying an ABI wavelength-specific point spread function considering the actual ABI footprint for the area of Southern California.