Dr. Louie Grasso

Research Scientist/Scholar III
Fort Collins, Colorado
Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch (RAMMB)


Louie Grasso received his BS in Meteorology from Lyndon State College in 1985. Both his MS (1993) and PhD (1996) in Atmospheric Science were obtained from Colorado State University. His areas of interest include numerical modeling, satellite meteorology, and severe thunderstorms. Since 1997 he has work at CIRA where his initial focus was on the numerical modeling of severe storms (Grasso 2000a) and soil moisture impacts on dryline development (Grasso 2000b). His dryline work led to a contribution in the Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences (Grasso 2003). His interests moved into the area of producing synthetic satellite imagery from numerical model output (Grasso and Greenwald, 2004). For the past few years, he has been focused primarily on generating synthetic NPOESS VIIRS and GOES-R ABI imagery for a variety of weather and environmental events: Severe storms, lake effect snow, hurricanes, and wild fires (Lindsey et al. 2006, Grasso et al. 2008).

Recent Work

March 12, 2014

Selected synthetic imagery from three different weather events. The top row shows synthetic 4 km GOES-12 at 10.7 µm, 2 km GOES-R at 10.35 µm, and 400 m NPOESS VIIRS at 11.02 µm for hurricane Lili. Similar synthetic scenes are ...