Lixin Lu, Ph.D.

Research Scientist/Scholar III
Fort Collins, Colorado


Dr. Lixin Lu received her BSc in Environmental Engineering from Tsinghua University (1990), MS (1993) in Atmospheric Physics from Peking University, and PhD (1999) in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University. Her areas of interest and expertise include mesoscale meteorology, regional-scale weather and climate modeling, land-atmosphere interactions, vegetation dynamics, downscaling and upscaling, and air pollution meteorology. From 1995 to present, she has been working at the Department of Atmospheric Science and Cooperative Institute of Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) of CSU, where she developed the two-way interactive atmospheric and ecological modeling system RAMS-CENTURY and applied it to study the impact of prognostic vegetation on seasonal to interannual regional climate system. She specializes in mesoscale processes and atmospheric CO2 variations associated with three-dimensional CO2 transport and land-cover-specific surface fluxes. She applied SiB-RAMS to study the influence of river CO2 effluxes on regional carbon balances, and analyzed the synoptic, regional, and local variations of atmospheric CO2 in North and South America.