R2O transition of the GOES-R GLM lightning assimilation capability in GSI for use in the NCEP GFS/GDAS

In preparation for the launch of the GOES-R satellite, researchers at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere have been working on the methodology to use the lightning measurements from the GLM instrument. Development efforts include the design of the GLM forward observation operator for lightning flash rate density (Apodaca et al. 2014), suitable for the NCEPS’s Global Forecasting System (GFS) and the subsequent implementation of the GOES-R GLM assimilation in the GSI system with tremendous potential for operational assimilation and forecasting.

The following step in this project is to augment the capabilities of the GSI data assimilation system for the GFS/Global Data Assimilation System by updating the head of the GSI trunk with this lightning assimilation development in order to use new satellite data from the GOES-R GLM.