Dr. Hongli Jiang

Research Scientist/Scholar III


Hongli Jiang received her BSc (1982) and MS (1985) in Physics from Nankai University, China. She received her PhD in Atmospheric Science in 1993 from New Mexico Tech. Her research specialties include dynamics of the balanced aspects of mesoscale convective systems, the impact of the Great Lakes on the local climate using MM5, mesoscale convective system parameterization to interface with GCM,  cloud-resolving simulations of tropical deep convective systems and Arctic mixed-phase  clouds, large-eddy simulation of tradewind cumulus convection in the marine boundary layer, aerosol-cloud-dynamical-radiation and precipitation feedbacks in both the marine and continental boundary layers with the Regional Atmospheric Modeling Systems (RAMS), and comparison of statistical properties of simulated and observed warm cumulus clouds. Her research also includes dynamical downscaling in Fire weather research, convective initiation, Warn-on-Forecast, Nowcasting, and object-oriented programing (OOP) in data assimilation, and improving model forecast in Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. Her expertise also includes in the developing a new methodology to better estimate soil moisture using Artificial Neural Network, very good programming skills in Fortran 90 and UNIX scripting, IDL, GEMPAK, and knowledge of Massive Parallel Processing (MPP).



Recent Work

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