Heather Q. Cronk

Research Associate II
Fort Collins, Colorado


Heather received her BA in math and physics from Austin College in 2007 and went on to earn her MS in atmosperic science from Colorado State University in 2009, where she focused on analysis of cloud and radiation measurements from the Cloud Profiling Radar onboard the CloudSat satellite platform . She then taught high school math for one year before joining the Suomi-NPP VIIRS Aerosol Calibration and Validation Team at NOAA's Center for Satellite Applications and Research. There, she played a key role in pre-lauch systems readiness as well as VIIRS aerosol algorithm testing and maintenance both pre- and post-launch. Subsequently, Heather began supporting the JPSS-1 and JPSS-2 Flight Project at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center where she helped develop the science validation test plan for JPSS-1 and updated documentation and contract requirements for JPSS-2. Heather returned to CIRA in 2013 and now provides system development and operational support to the CloudSat Data Processing Center as well as operational collocated product generation and evaluation in support of the OCO-2 satellite mission. Her research interests include satellite applications, computational mathematics, applied probability, and statistics. 

Recent Work

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