AWIPS-II EPDT JPSS Code Sprint Product Ingest and Display

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The AWIPS II Experimental Products Development Team (hosted by Jason Burks, PI and NASA SPoRT) members, Scott Longmore (CIRA) and Kevin McGrath (SPoRT) added the following microwave satellite products to AWIPS II ingest and D2D display using the new 16.1.1 Raytheon pointset data plugin.  The plugin helps fill a critical gap for Cooperative Institutes and NWS developers by allowing AWIPS2 ingest and display of GOES-R era experimental image products written in netCDF4-CF format without having to develop a separate AWIPS2 plugin for each new product. 

AMSR-2 L1B products:

  • GCOM Ocean Products
    • Cloud Liquid Water (CLW) - added
    • Sea Surface Temperature (SST) - added
    • Total Perceptible Water (TPW) - added
  • GCOM Precipitation Product
    • Rain Rate (Rain_Rate/RR) – added

ATMS MIRS Imagery:

  • ATMS MIRS Sea Ice Concentration (SIce) - added
  • ATMS MIRS Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) added
  • ATMS MIRS Land Surface (Skin) Temperature (TSkin) – added

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