P-3 Overflights of CIRA Foothills Campus

NASA P3 over CIRA Foothills Campus

As part of the FRAPPE mission, (online at: https://www2.acd.ucar.edu/frappe) the NASA Langley P-3 is making regular overflights of the Front Range, collecting aerosol and pollution data for the next month. The flight profile happens to include regular overflights of Christman Field, next to the Foothills Campus location of CIRA. The flight pattern for the sampling mission comes in from the south, flies over the inactive airfield at low altitude, and then does a corkscrew climb to vertically sample the atmosphere, before heading off to the southeast towards Greeley.

Realtime flight updates for the experiment, which include tracks for the aircraft involved, can be found online at: http://airbornescience.nasa.gov/tracker/  Photos of a recent overpass of Christman Field, taken from the CIRA building around 10:45 MDT on 22 July 2014, are found on the CIRA Facebook page, online at: https://www.facebook.com/CIRACSU.