The TMU project.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The TMU project is being staged at the FAA’s Air Route Traffic Control Center’s (ARTCC) Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU), Fort Worth, Texas. These displays are showing NCWF2 impacted High Use Jet Routes over Texas and A “go-no-go”, approach to traffic route and flow information. What is important to understand about the Weather Information Decision Aids (WIDA) web content page is that it is a complete end-to-end system with a web display that provides useful information assisting in tactical and strategic decision making. This is a suit of systems that involves AWIPS, FXC, content Generation for the web, and a decision aids database. This is a decision aid tool centered on the forecaster in the loop concept for helping to keep and create a more consistent, relevant, and accurate Weather Information Decision Aid (WIDA) product available for TMU managers. The consistency and power comes from the fact that all these systems are now tied and share the same data source and allows for forecaster input to update and override this information which in turn gets propagated and updated throughout the system.