Randall Collander

Research Associate III
Boulder, Colorado


Randall Collander received his BS degrees in Meteorology and Mathematics from Metropolitan State College of Denver (1992).   His areas of interest include surface and atmospheric meteorological observing systems, observational data quality control, extreme precipitation events, balloon-borne atmospheric sampling and mesoscale severe weather events.  He began his professional career with NOAA’s Forecast Systems Laboratory as an undergraduate and continues working for FSL (now the Global Systems Division of the Earth System Research Laboratory). Accomplishments include development of the quality-control scheme utilized by the National Climatic Data Center in their Hourly Precipitation Dataset observation data and a balloon and unmanned vehicle trajectory prediction algorithms currently used by the US military. His work to graphically analyze and display numerical output for the two WRF model cores (ARW and NMM) was critically important to core selection for the WRF Rapid Refresh which will soon replace the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model for operational forecasting.  Mr. Collander joined CIRA in 1995 as a Research Associate, where he continues his work developing and improving the automated hourly and daily precipitation quality-control algorithms in use at ESRL and the Environmental Modeling Center of NCEP.

Recent Work

March 12, 2014

Stage II analyses of hourly precipitation for 2300-0000 UTC 26-27 June 2005.  Panel A is the analysis using QC’d stations, Panel B is the present operational analysis, manually Qc’d but without additional new QC, and Panel C is the difference ...