Sherri Schranz

Senior Program Development/Project Manager
Boulder, Colorado


For the past 24 years, Sher Schranz has been a member of analysis and design teams tasked to research and develop real-time weather forecasting systems for the U.S.Air Force, Navy, Army, and NOAA operations. For the past five years her work has focused on thin-client visualization and analysis systems used by mobile fire weather and air quality forecasters. Enabling technologies developed by CIRA researchers are brought to bear on the problems of delivering high-resolution satellite, atmospheric model and observation data to multiple field locations over very low-bandwidth communications links. National Weather Service, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, Fire weather forecasters deployed to wildland fires rely on the FX-Net thin client as a primary tool for their critical role in supporting the firefighters. Sher is the project manager for the FX-Net, Gridded FX-Net and Wavelet Compression projects at ESRL’s Global System Division. Sher is currently a Project Lead for the NOAA/OAR/NWS Fire Weather Services Improvement initiative proposed for FY11-15.

Recent Work

March 12, 2014

This graphic represents a high level overview of the proposed NOAA/OAR/NWS Fire Weather Services Improvement initiative.