Just in Time Training Plugin Developed for AWIPS2 and New Features of the NWS Virtual Lab (VLAB)

CIRA Director's Conference Room
Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 03:30
Jason Burks and Ken Sperow
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The Just In Time Training (JITT) plugin for Advanced Weather Information Processing System (AWIPS) II will allow training to be integrated directly into the decision support system of the National Weather Service. By integrating training into the decision support system the barrier for operational forecasters to access training while interrogating meteorological data will be lowered therefore enhancing the training process. The integration will enable forecasters to get product specific training both during operational use and during training sessions. JITT enables both local and nationally developed training to be integrated and provides a convenient method for training developers to deliver training content. JITT will also enable interactions between training and the display system that allows training dvelopers to drive the display of the AWIPS II system. The JITT system also collects ratings of the training and statistics on the usage of the training by end-users in order to help the training developers refine training.  A live demonstration of the JITT will be shown as well as an overview of the plugin and methodology and future plans.  


The NOAA NWS Virtual Lab (VLab) is a set of collaboration and development tools and services available to all NOAA users and sponsored external partners.  VLab's use continues to grow rapidly and there is strong support for the tools and services.  VLab promotes collaboration and development best practices. This short talk will provide a quick review of VLab as a whole and highlight some new uses of VLab as well as new capabilities being developed.