The Geolocated Information Processing System (GeoIPS): A System for Processing Geoscience Data for Research and Operations

CIRA Director's Conference Room
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 10:30
U. S. Naval Research Laboratory Marine Meteorology Division
Melinda Surratt, Jeremy Solbrig
Hosted By: 
Jeremy Solbrig, CIRA

The Geolocated Information Processing System (GeoIPS) is a Python-based system for processing any data with latitudes and longitudes.  It is composed of multiple high-level objects that define standard internal formats for data, description of domains, and construction of imagery and data product recipes.  In addition to static sectors, dynamic sectors for following events such as tropical cyclones can be deployed.  GeoIPS is currently capable of processing satellite data from a large number of meteorological satellites as well as some Navy models and is easily extendable to accept other data sets.  In the near future, it is hoped that GeoIPS will be extended to include capabilities for Data Fusion, and the system is rapidly becoming the operational system for processing of geolocated data at operational Navy centers, is operating in near real-time at CIRA through a software transfer agreement, and its core will soon be open sourced.  In addition to providing a simple transition pathway to Navy entities, GeoIPS provides the tools needed for easy data exploration, research, and product development.