CIRA Debuts New Website

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Sunset over the CIRA Building at the CSU Foothills Campus

Welcome to the new CIRA website!  In the coming days, you will see some exciting and interesting changes to these pages, as we implement more features and functionality. 

As a reminder, the new CIRA website is built around the Drupal framework (online at and has several new functional capabilities, including the ability to define 'roles' within the website.  Over the next few weeks, you will be invited to create a new login on the website (which will occur in waves to ensure a smooth transition) - we'd encourage you to edit your profile information, and look at some of the changes.  You'll be able to edit projects you're associated with, provide a research summary for your work, and perform other content-related tasks on the website depending on how your role is defined.  You'll also notice useful features such as:

  • Indexing by principal investigator, research topic, funding source, etc.
  • Improved search and editing capabilities
  • Simpler navigation and organization
  • More updated news links
  • An evolving look to the website to match the season

During the transition, we will maintain the 'old' CIRA website online, so that nothing is lost - a link to the site will be present on every page.  

We hope you enjoy the new website, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments on the new site!


Your Web Team 
Rob Viola, Matt Rogers, and Mary McInnis-Efaw